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Wednesday, May 11, 2011



Lost on a trek high up in the foggy hills, Fatia, Badrul, Juli and Ronnie chance upon an abandoned bungalow where they seek shelter for the night. Within the shadows of their mysterious surroundings, they discover millions in loot, seemingly left behind in filthy duffel bags for no good reasons. That was not all they would uncover – for two rotting corpses and a loaded gun were next to be found. Already sickly, Fatia experiences strange recollections and trauma in the form of a strange young girl and as well, that of a sinister presence – all clues that point towards an evil that occurred within this dilapidated structure some time ago. Things take a turn for the worse when the gun goes missing, their friendship self-destructs and Fatia’s haunting escalate to a point where she teeters on the brink of sanity

Cast: Shiqin Kamal, Azma Aizal Yusoof, Muniff Isa, Isma Hanum Husein, Esma Daniel

My View...

Citer yg lembap dan membuhsan kan... ntah la..tak menarik langsung... menakutkan pun tidak.. menyaspenkan pun tidak... aku tengok citer ni dgn semangat yg membuhsan kan!... aku terlelap2 tengok citer mcm ni

Pelakon dia ok2....semua bleh berlakon..tapi kot jalan cite dia borring..... aku bagi 1 bintang jer la...
posted by Milia Amran @ 1:26 PM  

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