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Monday, March 9, 2009

ok.... after few days of driving here and there... calling here and there... finally my search is over...

right wud be the new house..

rent is cheaper...

it has acond in master bedroom, 3 rooms upstairs, one room down, kitchen cabinet, build-in wardrobe in masterbedroom, ceiling fans, water heater in two of three bathrooms, washing area, and..a wet kitchen!!

small back yard for to plant things..(i wonder what....tumeric..lemon grass[ita???].. curry tree..)

small front yard to plant some flowers..(do i hv the strength? time? to do it??)

a porch for a single car..

left neighbour - yes...

right neighbour - no...

front neighbour - erk...????

but overall...i am satisfied with the house.. and end of march... will move in..
posted by Milia Amran @ 3:38 AM  

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